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The Annual Management Charge is the amount of money each homeowner pays towards the cost of managing and maintaining your development's open spaces and features. This is issued by Greenbelt to each homeowner at the start of the billing year.

There are lots of ways you can settle your bill. Please see our Manage My Account page for further details.

Yes. If you pay by Direct Debit, you have the option of paying in yearly instalments of 10 or 4 payments instead of a single annual payment.

As a condition of planning consent, the developer who built your house must arrange long-term management of open spaces and features, including landscaping, drainage systems and play areas. Typically, the Local Authority will not take responsibility for these areas, and so agrees to Greenbelt taking on ownership and the associated obligations.
The developer and planning authorities require homeowners to contribute to the cost of management, so everyone who lives in the area can benefit from local landscaping and features; Greenbelt’s Greenspace agreement secures the long-term sustainable future of the development’s open spaces and ensures all homeowners pay an equal, fair sum.

All residents on our Greenbelt developments are obliged legally and contractually through the title deeds to the property to pay the Annual Management Charge. While we give residents a generous time period to commit to their annual payment, if payment is still not made we will pursue collection of outstanding sums formally.

Debt Recovery Procedures

Yes. All residents pay an equal share of the costs, as open spaces and their management are designed to be of benefit to everyone, not individual properties

The developer and our business development managers agree how much is to be charged. This is based on a number of factors, such as the number of properties on the development; the type and extent of open spaces and features; the management regime agreed by the developer and planning authority.

If you want to cancel your Direct Debit and arrange another method of payment, you should contact your bank directly. If you would like to change the account you use to pay by Direct Debit, you should cancel your existing direct debit and contact us for another direct debit mandate for you to complete and return to us.

Please contact our enquiry line on 0800 028 1749, where our staff will do their very best to assist you.

We employ only the most qualified contractors, landscapers and safety managers. The precise level of landscaping and maintenance work and the frequency of visits depends upon what has been agreed between the developer and the local planning authority when they agree the planning consent conditions.
We monitor all work undertaken within each development closely: reports are received from our landscapers and maintenance teams, while members of our Lands Team regularly visit each development to carry out inspections and review any possible concerns or future remedial works.

In general and where required, three categories of work are undertaken on each development:
Routine Maintenance
Our teams undertake a range of regular works intended to keep developments looking their best all year round, including;

  • Grass cutting (amenity, meadow and long grass)
  • Shrub pruning
  • Maintaining young shrub beds to ensure their establishment
  • Litter collection
  • Silvicultural woodland maintenance
  • Reduction of grass competition within young tree plantings to ensure successful woodland establishment.

Non-Routine Maintenance
In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance visits, our teams may have to undertake one-off additional works where necessary, such as;

  • Removal of fly-tipping
  • Repairs to fencing
  • Replacement of dead shrubs where appropriate
  • Repairs required as a result of vandalism to structures, including play areas
  • Safety works on mature trees.

Please note that, as non-routine maintenance is not part of the scheduled maintenance diet, the cost of these works may be added to the Annual Maintenance Charge.

Health and Safety
Greenbelt is dedicated to keeping the areas that we’re responsible for safe and tidy, which includes;

  • Quarterly and annual play area inspection by independent an health and safety inspector
  • Repairs to play area equipment undertaken by specialist safety firms
  • Regular removal of litter and emptying of litter bins
  • Safety inspections on mature trees
  • Reports from maintenance teams to our Lands Team regarding vandalism and other health and safety concerns
  • Maintained insurance cover to cover public liability and woodland damage through fire.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of particular areas within your development, reach our customer care department at or 0800 028 1749.
In all communications we ask that you tell us the exact nature of your enquiry as this enables us to respond more quickly and effectively.

Although we employ operatives and supervisors to undertake maintenance on our behalf, we do not expect them to be able to provide all responses to residents, or to explain detailed instructions relating to those areas where maintenance is undertaken. They may not have all the relevant or correct information to answer your question fully and so we ask that all queries be directed to ourselves.

We provide a year-round programme of summer and winter landscaping and maintenance. Visits are more frequent in summer months to reflect the greater rate of growth of vegetation during this time of the year.

The exact timing of visits is flexible to within a few days, as this can be affected by adverse factors such as weather conditions, schedules of other work and the availability of plants or machinery. This flexibility enables
Our landscaping and maintenance teams can also visit at times outside the planned schedule – for instance, to carry out emergency works.

The amount of time our landscaping maintenance teams spend on each development can vary, with many factors potentially influencing the time taken to complete routine maintenance. It should be noted that our teams are not paid on an hourly rate; they are monitored, inspected and paid by means of our agreement with them, which is determined by the high quality of the finished job, rather than the quantity of visits or time spent.

The developer responsible for building the development decided which areas Greenbelt will take over. We can provide you with a layout plan of your development, showing exactly which areas we are responsible for and any areas due to be handed over to us in future.

You can Log into your account to download the plan of your development or submit a request for a plan.

If, after receiving the plan, there are other areas within your development that have not been identified, please contact us providing as much detail as you can of the area in question and will do our very best to help.

The developer and Greenbelt will agree the best time for the open spaces and features to be taken over by Greenbelt.
On smaller developments we will wait until all the areas have been established and all properties have been sold.

On larger developments where the development is built in phases we may agree with the developer to start managing the open spaces and features in stages while the construction works are still on-going on other parts of the development. In this case Greenbelt would be what is referred to as “operating under licence”.

The open spaces within your development exist for the benefit of everyone on the development. If changes are appropriate or help resolve a persistent problem then Greenbelt will be very happy to consider, in consultation with the residents and the local planning authority, the most appropriate changes or new solution.

We welcome every opportunity to discuss with residents any additional management or maintenance to existing routine schedules. You should be aware that generally this would require an additional contribution to the Annual Management Charge and this would be payable by all residents. This is why we need to be satisfied the residents as a whole are happy with the proposed changes.

You should equally be aware reductions to the routine maintenance schedule or landscaping may not be possible as the standard of maintenance that must be carried out is set by the Local Authority in terms of the Planning Consent for the whole development, and we have to carry out the maintenance to at least this standard.

We generally ask that residents do not undertake maintenance on our behalf. If residents do carry out work themselves it prevents us from assessing the works we have asked our contractors to carry out – and we have to ensure that the open spaces are maintained to the agreed standard.