At Greenbelt we believe as much in a sustainable planet as a sustainable business.

We think and act for the long-term, financially, ecologically and strategically, in all that we do.

Greenbelt's core management and maintenance services are tried, tested and fully 'future-proofed', designed to be secure and sustainable into the long term.

Through careful planning and consistent application of best industry practices, our services ensure the open spaces we manage will persist and continue to be available for future generations to explore and enjoy.

  • Our suppliers plant many thousands of trees and shrubs all across the UK ever year, creating important green spaces in urban environments and helping to offset our carbon footprint.
  • Greenbelt manages more than 100 specially-designated properties, including nature reserves, protected woodlands, historic locations, Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), listed buildings and habitats for rare, threatened or endangered species.
  • Customers who support our ecological commitment by opting into our paperless billing scheme are shown our appreciation through a discount on their annual bill - simply turn this on in your online account settings.
  • We manage more than 150 Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) UK-wide, helping to reduce the risk, incidence and potential severity of urban flooding for thousands of nearby homes and businesses.
  • Greenbelt manages hundreds of woodlands across the UK, carrying out full Woodland Audits to monitor and preserve the health, biodiversity, amenity value and character of the woodland stock.
  • Greenbelt represents an important contribution to the environment, drawing on our in-house knowledge and network of ecological consultants to place conservation and biodiversity at the forefront of all our services.