Greenbelt Development

Get Active with Greenbelt

At Greenbelt, we manage the public open spaces on your development so that everyone can enjoy them. Providing open spaces that our residents’ children can use to stay active is a very important to us, and that’s why many of our developments feature equipped play areas.

We’re pleased to announce the completion of a set of three-quarter-sized goalposts on our Milton of Leys site in Inverness, which have been installed on the open space next to our existing play area.

Greenbelt would like to thank the Highland Council for sharing our dedication to the fitness of our young residents, as they agreed to split the cost of the goalposts equally with us.

Charles Stephen, Ward Manager for Highland Council, said: “Inverness Community Council has surveyed the residents of Cedarwood Avenue and Gardens. They have no objections to a set of three-quarter goals being put in beside the play equipment.”

At Greenbelt, we’re very passionate about providing areas for the fitness and recreation of everyone on our developments, especially our younger residents – that’s why we manage more than 185 play areas on sites all over the UK.

Our Regional Operations Managers perform full quarterly safety checks on every one of these play areas to ensure the equipment and surfaces are in good order for local parents and children – and the play areas are also checked regularly and in-depth by independent safety experts.