Things to do before the clocks go back

It’s not long now until the clocks go back and we’ll see the first frosts

on the ground.

But don’t let darker days and colder nights stop you from having fun in the garden.


Autumn is actually one of the best times of the year for green-fingered gardening fans.

Here are our three top things to do before the clocks go back.

Look after your lawn

The end of October typically sees a final outing for lawnmowers but it’s important to ensure this last cut is slightly higher than the summer cuts – this will help to protect your lawn from possible frost damage.

Raked leaves, meanwhile, can be collected and stored in a leaf bag to create a fantastic homemade mould for your soil.

Remember, too, to leave some areas of your garden with lots of leaf cover as this will create hibernating spots for many of our insects and wild creatures.

Be bright with bulbs

This is the last chance to plant your bulbs, as their roots will establish in the warm soil before the worst of the wet winter weather comes.

A general rule of thumb is to plant bulbs at around two and a half times their own depth. Then simply sit back and look forward to witnessing bright bursts of colour next spring!

A clean, green scene

Our homes and gardens are always treated to a spring clean but autumn is also perfect for giving your garden a tidy-up.

From gutters and greenhouses to ponds and potting sheds, some TLC is required to make sure everything is ready for the winter hibernation.

Don’t forget to clean your tools and ensure they’re properly stored in a dry place. No-one wants rusty sheers come spring time!

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